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Weapons Of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq by Sheldon Rampton & John St

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Book Report: Weapons Of Mass Deception: The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber

This is a short paperback book of 204 pages. It is an easy read of a book that came out in 2003, at the beginning of the War on Iraq. The cover is a cartoon of Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and George Bush. George has a megaphone in his hand. Osama is saying: “I will wait to overthrow your decadent regime until the Americans are defeated, Infidel.” While Saddam is saying: “Great, and I won't send you and your followers to paradise QUITE yet.” And But yells: “Cut!! Guys, if you can't do better than THAT, the audience is NEVER going to believe this script! From the top! And remember—you are supposed to be BUDDIES!”

The book goes on to many of the ways this debacle was orchestrated by the Bush Administration and close allies in the media and Congress. Because the book is written so early in the war it falls short of the actual situation in some cases. But, it refreshes the mind about how all of this happened and how it was sold largely through PR firms that were paid millions to sell the lies just like they were selling garbage as diamonds.

The attempt to control the framing of everything possible and to sell our actions across the seas was/is hard to believe. When our country's favorable standing starting plummeting along with much else it was viewed as a PR problem and much effort/money was used in a vain attempt to change the minds of the world. Yet the tide was not stemmed. Not very many Americans are aware of the depths we have descended in the minds of the rest of the world. It is really too bad that many do not care. After all, they “learn” continually how exceptional we are from all kinds of sources. When Obama came to power much of that changed dramatically but as his terms went on thing went south again.

The book is worth reading for a relatively light quick read that some may find enlightening.