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The East

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Direct from a FBI source quote:

"For nearly seven years, the nation has turned its terror focus on Al Qaeda and the hunt for Osama bin Laden. But there is a domestic terror threat that federal officials still consider priority No. 1 — Eco-terrorism."

Never mind the various right wing militias that have done all kinds of actions against citizens such as the bombing in OK that killed many...

This film I found to be rather dark in it presentation. I think the producers warped to some extent the whole topic. First of all, few, if any, have been hurt by the relatively few actions of these groups. The problem is (to the power structure) their lack of proper respect for property. The film painted the "terrorists" as far out, really kind of weird characters. It is my view that if we could actually see the people involved, there would be many who would pass for normal in all or most aspects of their lives.

The idea that these groups should be the number 1 priority of the FBI just brings to mind all the effort they spent on Civil Right groups and on any group that upsets the powerful.