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Movie on Nuclear plants "What did we Learn From Fukishima?"

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Thanks to all of you that came and those who stayed for the discussion. One of my questions is where were the large group who are active in anti-Ft Calhoun protests. As far as I could see there were NONE there from those groups. This was/is disappointing.

A word on the material presented by Steven Evans of "Therepeutics Institute". Initially, his remarks seemed to me to be very on the mark and worthy of real consideration. About 10 minutes in, I started to have real doubts. His comments about the dangers of the attempts to remove rods from the reactors started this doubt especially his claim that if the pile went nuclear it would wipe out 2/3 of Tokyo which lies some 141 miles miles away. Now radiation could affect Tokyo pretty easily without any doubt. But Steven seemed to indicate a nuclear explosion would be so big it would actually hit as far as Tokyo. My education would indicate that if a nuclear explosion actually occurred it would be much lessened by the fact that the accidental critical mass would not be carefully timed and shaped as it is in any atomic bomb. Even a large yield atomic bomb would not extend serious blast out that far let alone an accidental blast from a out of control nuclear reactor.

But more of a problem is that he presented a claim that genetic damage from such a disaster could be "fixed" or prevented by various defensive methods based upon taking various remedies. This is incredible!!! Even if true it would be like worrying about a BB gun when faced with 5 people with 12 guages all trying to hurt you. The damage done by radiation to the body is easily enough to kill you while genetic damage is longer term. The military used to teach us that troops would be useful for several hours or even days after severe exposure but radiation sickness would follow along with nasty death if the dose was high enough.

Coupled with all of this I asked 4 pople I know from Creighton Medical area if any of them had ever heard of Steven Evans. Remember, he claimed to have worked there for 15 years and seemed to indicate it was in an important position. Of the four questioned, three responded. None of them had even heard of him. These were long time CU people. It also does not help creds to find the "institute's" address seems to be his home.

But enough on that. I hope some of you were/are skeptical and wish some of those involved with the Ft. Calhoun plant protests were there to counter his "facts".