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Letter to Johanns on 9/11 from Steve Horn

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To Senator Johanns:

Our response to 9/11 was exactly what Osama wanted. We have used our military in ways that it is almost impossible to have a positive effect. Terror is a concept that cannot be contained by more terror which is what war is. Terror needs to be treated as a crime. We have managed to ignore the most important part of criminal investigation. That is, MOTIVE. The Motives for 9/11 are many but we have managed to ignore them even while continuing policies sure to INCREASE our enemies and the use of terror against us. Osama laid out clearly why he was upset with us. His writings etc are not unique to him. No people like aggressors or occupiers or torturers. As a officer in the United States Army I would have never believed we would hood prisoners let alone make them stand naked or any of the other prohibited abuses we have done and continue to do.

You are a grad of Creighton (as I am twice) where they surely taught you that the end does not justify the means. Please think over your actions as a general supporter of military actions which spread terror over the world and actually increase the chances of another 9/11.