The latest press conference ignores the Gorilla in the closet

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The gorilla lurking in the Closet
.on 17:41 CDT, by sptah
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During the lengthy news conference concerning the deficit and the debt limit it was amazing to see that Obama managed to ignore the costs of endless wars. The latest study puts their costs at over FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS now.

Not only Obama ignored this critical factor but also the entire assembled MSM. Not one question was asked linking the wars with the deficits. Much of the MSM has a stake in continuing these wars. Several of the biggest corporate news organizations are literally owned by the biggest waepons manufacturers.

None ever seem to ask for a "Cost Analysis" of the way we wage endless wars. Many have repeatedly pointed out that the wars cannot be won by military means yet we continue to lose soldiers day by day. Obviously, this affects directly their families, friends, and communities. We will never know what might have been if even one of them were not killed/wounded.

It is way past time to get out of these wars and come home to fix the tree in our own eyes rather than the mote in the eyes of people around the world.