The Christian Science Monitor strikes out...

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Dear Sir: Please distribute this letter to whomever at the CSM who might care about your reputation for accuracy or fairness...

I am writing about your complimentary issue I received this last few days. On page seven of that copy for your magazine there is an outrageous distortion of the true situation in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

I will quote the entire blurb since this letter is also going to others who may be interested in what you apparently think is "the truth".

The Monitor provides understanding, not just information

Sub-headline: Occupation by suburbanization?
"Israel's growing occupation of the West Bank is viewed by many as a deliberate and dangerous political policy. But, in fact, it's fueled by the same desire that caused New Yorkers to "occupy" Levittown in the '50s- a hammock for Dad and a swing set for the kids! Unfortunately, this innocuous motivation actually makes it harder to prevent."

This amazing claim was accompanied by a picture of a nice looking home with two couples standing posed and several other such similar buildings in the background. Furthermore under the picture was: "Yasmine Soiffer/special to the Christian Science Monitor" I do not know who Yasmine is but I suspect he was the source of the entire article.

If this is the quality of the reporting by your magazine then all my pre-conceived notions about your magazine were totally out of whack.

First of all, you might have pointed out 'the truth" as recognized by international law: Namely, all such settlements in the West Bank are illegal under that international law. Far from the conclusion this article stated the truth is that this IS A LAND GRAB and far from the benign action claimed. Furthermore, the economic costs to Israel are such that if we did not subsidize the Israeli actions with billions of our tax money they would be difficult, if not impossible, to carry out.

Not only that, but such actions obviously feed the anti-American AND anti-Israeli movements and are bad for both countries along with their peoples.

It is sad to see what I have considered a well respected news magazine fall so far from what were my expectations.


Stephen P. Horn