How MSM has killed Global Warming and the beginnings of "Healthy" Radiation exposure

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The smoking industry for years was able to buy off a very few scientists to make the public think there was no proof for the effects of smoking on the human body. For years I have noticed that same tactics used by the polluters to produce a measure of doubt in the public mind on Global Climate Change.

Now, in a book I just read which is reviewed in the book Report section (Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years) it turns out that one of the key scientists actually was involved in both disinformation campaigns. His name is Seitz. He was paid big money to cast doubt upon the smoking issue and then by the fossil fuel/automobile industries. In both cases the game was to cast the issues as undecided science. The objective was to stop or delay any real action against both groups.

In the case of the smoking industry he was only partially successful but delay was a success. In the case of Global warming poll results show a fall in the public's belief from around 70% to about 50% now. Quite a remarkable change that has pretty well halted any serious moves to try to do what is necessary from the biggest polluter, the USA. Pretty well only in the USA has this occurred.

Now there is the beginnings of a similar campaign of crazy disinformation. Ann Coulter recently put forth the new perspective. On Bill Oreilly's show she proclaimed that small amounts of radiation might be "healthy". To Bill's credit he shot this down.

However, just about a week later the Omaha World Herald published an article of well over 1.5 columns with a picture of a 91 year old scientist who claims the same thing. This could be another chapter connected to the smoking/Global Warming stories above. The next move might be for talk radio and wierd "think tanks" to pick up the healthy radiation thread and, as has happened so many times, these quak "facts" get picked up by the MSM.

Why? There is a real need to continue the MSM's attempts to hide the dangers in the current Japanese Nuclear Disaster. The money involved is incredible! Two of the major networks have direct interests in the nuclear industry because they are owned by GE and Westinghouse.