Police-Community relations

HOW POLICE AUDITORS CAN IMPROVE POLICING: Enhancing Professional Policing through Effective Citizen

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This statement is the result of two national conferences of police auditors in the United
States. Those conferences were organized and sponsored by the Police Professionalism Initiative (PPI) at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

This statement is endorsed by:
Public Safety Auditor, Omaha, NE.

Independent Police Auditor, San Jose, CA

Office of Independent Review, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Community Ombudsman, Boise, ID

Office of Professional Accountability, Seattle, WA Office of Integrity and Accountability, Philadelphia, PA

Independent Police Auditor, Tucson, AZ Independent Police Review Division, Portland, OR

Office of Police Accountability, Sacramento, CA Office of the Police Monitor, Austin, TX

Special Counsel, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

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