The proposed Shootdown

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You know these satillites have fallen from space repeatedly over the years. Despite denials I would think this is more than the supposed effort to "protect the public".

All of a sudden, we learn that this satillite will spread debris all along its path with the "highly toxic" fuel surviving the destruction by the heat generated by reentry.

The first thought that occurs to me is that this is a chance to test fire one of the new anti-missile star wars shots. It's hard to believe that the proper missile to shoot this down just happens to be on a crusier already in the proper place in the vast Pacific.

Another interesting thought concerns the possibility that the missile contains Plutonium as its fuel rather than that announced. There are satillites in space, indeed more than a few, powered by Plutonium. There never has been a real scientific study open to the public of the dangers of the Plutonium in these satillites should they re-enter the earth.

Stephen P. Horn