Wednesday Movie Commentaries

Comments from anybody there on the films, on the discussion, or any points that might be of interest to those attending.
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Normal   Earthlings
Wed 23 of Dec, 2009 22:22 CST
Re: Re: Earthlings by don.muhr
Normal   American Ruling Class
Fri 25 of Dec, 2009 20:42 CST
Re: American Ruling Class by sptah
Normal   Palestine Blues
Fri 12 of Mar, 2010 09:02 CST
Re: Palestine Blues by don.muhr
Normal   Books mentioned in the Discussion after "When the Levees Broke"
Fri 26 of Sep, 2008 22:31 CDT
Normal   War, Inc
Sun 16 of Nov, 2008 13:34 CST
Normal   The Power of Nightmares
Fri 30 of Mar, 2007 21:35 CDT
Re: The Power of Nightmares by sptah
Normal   Commanding Heights Part III
Two world economies
Wed 08 of Aug, 2007 21:53 CDT
Re: Re: Commanding Heights Part III by jen
Normal   Unborn in America
Fri 12 of Jun, 2009 21:03 CDT
Re: Unborn in America by sptah
Normal Hello People's Film Fest! I've got a union related blog...
An observation from Portland, Maine
Thu 12 of Mar, 2009 21:39 CDT
Re: Hello People's Film Fest! I've got a union related blog... by sptah
Normal   Inside Job
Marx and the stagnation of Capital leading to the financialization of the economy
Fri 13 of Jul, 2012 22:37 CDT
Re: Inside Job by sptah