Wednesday Movie Commentaries

Comments from anybody there on the films, on the discussion, or any points that might be of interest to those attending.
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Normal   Wed 9/7 discussion...
A look at some of the pts covered...
Thu 08 of Sep, 2011 11:39 CDT
Normal   Wed night Movie 3/10 Silent Screams
Great crowd? and discussion
Thu 10 of Mar, 2011 12:10 CST
Normal   Wed night 5/19 Le Carre movie...
Will add more later...
Thu 19 of May, 2011 21:19 CDT
Normal   Wed night movie on Homeless women and discussion
Good movie with lengthly discussion. New people again...
Thu 07 of Apr, 2011 10:21 CDT
Normal   "Calling All Rebels" by Chris Hedges
A comprehensive look at why we are in the mess we are in...
Thu 24 of Nov, 2011 22:07 CST
Normal   Wed Night Movie on Race...
Great crowd and discussion...
Fri 25 of Mar, 2011 11:30 CDT
Normal   Wed night Movie: South of the Border
A further look...
Thu 10 of Feb, 2011 15:04 CST
Normal   Wed night movie discussion Bam Earthquake
No Fly zone an idea that needs real scrutiny
Thu 17 of Mar, 2011 22:36 CDT
Re: Wed night movie discussion Bam Earthquake by sptah
Normal   Money Driven Medicine 6/22
Comments on...
Thu 23 of Jun, 2011 12:10 CDT
Normal   Wed night film on 9/11
Just a few little problems...
Thu 22 of Sep, 2011 22:17 CDT