Wednesday Movie Commentaries

Comments from anybody there on the films, on the discussion, or any points that might be of interest to those attending.
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Normal   The Day After Trinity
Comments on and on discussion
Thu 07 of Aug, 2008 16:02 CDT
Normal   Last wed in July
Great discussion! NPR as a solid source?
Sat 02 of Aug, 2008 20:51 CDT
Normal   Discussion on "Beyond War" film 7/9
Effect of "professional" volunteer army
Sat 12 of Jul, 2008 11:13 CDT
Normal   Ralph Nader and "Unsafe at Any Speed"
My hero
Fri 11 of Apr, 2008 00:54 CDT
Normal   SicKo movie
Very good movie with excellent comments by Doctor
Mon 11 of Feb, 2008 21:38 CST
Normal   Further comments on Global warming
Christmas Eve's Newshour with Leher leaves much to be desired
Mon 24 of Dec, 2007 20:55 CST
Normal   "An Inconvenient Truth"
Further comments on discussion and topic
Sat 22 of Dec, 2007 19:57 CST
Normal   The lack of god movie and discussion
Some thoughts maybe not properly stated...
Thu 06 of Dec, 2007 21:23 CST
Re: The lack of god movie and discussion by frank
Normal   Wed 11/31? Halloween
I don't buy it. And now further comments
Mon 05 of Nov, 2007 21:04 CST
Normal   Wed discuss. for 8/22
Potential ltr on Iran atk.
Fri 24 of Aug, 2007 11:42 CDT