Wednesday Movie Commentaries

Comments from anybody there on the films, on the discussion, or any points that might be of interest to those attending.
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Normal   Comment from about Dec wed night on alternative power in Germany
This is an interview from demo. now showing how Germany moved so fast comparitively
Thu 16 of Dec, 2010 20:28 CST
Normal   Wed night 9/29 movie and discussion
" Free choices" may not be so "free"
Sat 02 of Oct, 2010 09:26 CDT
Normal   Comments on Wed 9/1 movie and discussion
General comments
Thu 02 of Sep, 2010 10:55 CDT
Normal   Wed's discussion on Kagan...
One view that MAY be biased???
Sun 16 of May, 2010 21:03 CDT
Re: Wed's discussion on Kagan... by Jack
Normal   Movie: The Warning April 14th
Additional comments on financial mess etc
Fri 16 of Apr, 2010 23:12 CDT
Re: Re: Movie: The Warning April 14th by sptah
Normal   Palestine Blues
Fri 12 of Mar, 2010 09:02 CST
Re: Palestine Blues by don.muhr
Normal   Poisoned Waters
Sorry, I made a mistake...
Thu 04 of Mar, 2010 11:48 CST
Normal   American Ruling Class
Fri 25 of Dec, 2009 20:42 CST
Re: American Ruling Class by sptah
Normal   Earthlings
Wed 23 of Dec, 2009 22:22 CST
Re: Re: Earthlings by don.muhr
Normal   "Rethinking Afghanistan" Wed.10/28
More comments...
Thu 29 of Oct, 2009 12:57 CDT