Wednesday Movie Commentaries

Comments from anybody there on the films, on the discussion, or any points that might be of interest to those attending.
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Normal   Unmanned American Drone Wars
A Glenn Greenwald film
Thu 13 of Feb, 2014 11:24 CST
Normal   The East
The Number one priority of FBI Eco-terrorism.
Tue 04 of Feb, 2014 14:59 CST
Normal   Commercialization of Children
Advertisers works long and hard to grab children it consumerism
Thu 19 of Dec, 2013 16:09 CST
Normal   Movie on Nuclear plants "What did we Learn From Fukishima?"
Comments on Movie and on the "discussion"
Wed 20 of Nov, 2013 10:46 CST
Re: Movie on Nuclear plants "What did we Learn From Fukishima?" by sptah
Normal   Wed 9/12 on 9/11 movie
A critical look at what we saw and discussion...
Thu 13 of Sep, 2012 23:17 CDT
Normal Wed 12/28 film has been changed. No "Hot Coffee".
"Hot Coffee" will have to wait
Fri 23 of Dec, 2011 22:37 CST
Normal   Comments on the movie "Freedom"
A corporate slick film selling Ethanol
Wed 14 of Dec, 2011 16:26 CST
Re: Comments on the movie "Freedom" by sptah
Normal   "Calling All Rebels" by Chris Hedges
A comprehensive look at why we are in the mess we are in...
Thu 24 of Nov, 2011 22:07 CST
Normal   Inside Job
Marx and the stagnation of Capital leading to the financialization of the economy
Fri 13 of Jul, 2012 22:37 CDT
Re: Inside Job by sptah
Normal   Wed night film on 9/11
Just a few little problems...
Thu 22 of Sep, 2011 22:17 CDT