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Normal   Letter to the President from SPTAH
My view of his administration...
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Fri 05 of Nov, 2010 20:47 CDT
Normal   Drug companies surpass Defense as the #1 rip-off masters
Ralph Nader on their fraud...
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Tue 28 of Dec, 2010 21:05 CST
Normal   The "New" administration: Daley appointment hailed by Karl Rove and the US Chamber of Commerce
Obama takes us further right... and more kissups to Wall Street
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Thu 13 of Jan, 2011 21:28 CST
Normal   Hillary Clinton finally tells it like it is...
Al Jezeera is "real news" as opposed to what we are fed.
0 3368
Sat 05 of Mar, 2011 21:30 CST
Normal   Posted on FAIR's blog...
A response to the call for a tax on financial transactions...
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Fri 08 of Apr, 2011 21:54 CDT
Normal   The gorilla lurking in the Closet
Obama and MSM manage to keep him hidden...
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Tue 12 of Jul, 2011 17:41 CDT
Normal   Letter to Johanns on 9/11 from Steve Horn
The military response was just what Osama or whomever wanted
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Fri 09 of Sep, 2011 11:38 CDT
Normal A look at the shoot down of the Chinook with 30 deaths
Cheap primitive weapons frequently trump the finest expensive systems
0 3858
Fri 09 of Sep, 2011 22:40 CDT
Normal   Use of drones
The harm they do to our "cause" is off any kind of scale
0 2929
Wed 09 of Jan, 2013 14:15 CST
Normal   The Secrets of the Seven Sisters
0 4875
Wed 01 of May, 2013 09:52 CDT
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