Progressive Omaha

Core Mission and Values

Author: Progressive Omaha - Published Thu 04 of Jan, 2007 17:40 CST - (2631 Reads)

Progressive Omaha



Progresive Omaha is an inclusive social action organization that nurtures progressive ideals and progressive people. We put into practice the notion that the personal is political by our commitment to practice democracy in all aspects of our lives, with the ultimate goal of ensuring health and wellbeing for everyone in the community

Core Values

Democracy Redefined

The Personal is Political

Community First and Foremost


Nurturing & Listening

1.Democracy Redefined: We define democracy to encompass the principles of love, respect, strength and creativity. We extend democracy into the economic, cultural, spiritual, political and other spheres of our lives by infusing these same principals into those areas.

2.The Personal is Political: We practice democracy in every facet of our lives. That means that we understand that each of our daily choices is political in that it affects the community in which we live. We respect ourselves and each other and work out how to do this in practical, day-to-day ways.

3.Community First and Foremost: Political actions spring out of community. We are creating a community that fosters human connection so that we can support one another in swimming against the tide. All of our unique capabilities and strengths are needed in the movement for social change. We are creating a community of people willing to carry our progressive vision to our neighbors, friends, relatives, and society at large, as well as bring new people into the movement.

4.Inclusion: Our organization invites diversity (racial, cultural , class and gender) and accepts differences. All members have the right to participate fully and equally in planning, decision-making and action.

5.Nurturing & Listening: People will support an organization that is supportive of them. We emphasize nurturing nurturing ourselves, each other and society as a whole. We support respecting people's feelings and addressing the needs of their daily lives. We encourage ourselves and each other to live up to our highest ideals. Our job is to listen to ourselves, to each other and to the people of Omaha. We listen to feelings, and listen to the stories behind the answers.